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Hi Traci!
I hope this email finds you doing well.  We are simply thrilled with 'Nita!  She is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing coat.  Such a deep dark chocolate brown.  We receive so so many compliments where ever we go!  And of course she goes everywhere with us, just as you stated she simply hates to be left at home!  Her personality is terrific!  She is such a calm yet confident pup.  I think the perfect mix of both Grizz and Lucy.  We think she has Lucy's demeanor but has the stately physique of Grizz.  So easily trained, she can fetch already and perform all of the basic stuff.  Just a wonderful and happy addition to the family!  I included a few photos as an update.  I hope you have sold the last two pups and you are probably getting ready for your next litter!
Thank you again for our amazing new friend!  Next time I need dog food I will bring her to your store for a visit.
So cool that you do boarding!  I will definitely take advantage of this in the summer!!!!  I will have to look for Marley ..... he is the cutest, sweetest, best dog!  We love him so much.  And people always stop us on the
street to say how beautiful he is!  :)  We are very happy owners!
Hello Traci!
We were happy to see your e-mail!  Always good to hear from you.  Tobey is doing great!  He is our best friend!  He is sleeping in our room at night now... he loves his special bed on the floor.  He wakes us up sometimes with his silly dreams.  He has so much personality!
We had him neutered last December, the day that it snowed!  (That was very unexpected!!) 
We have two nephews that are so impressed with Tobey!  They have both mentioned that they are talking to their wives about getting a Labradoodle like him, so... I will forward your e-mail to both of them about the upcoming litters.  Would be fun to watch another Labradoodle grow up in the family.
Tobey is the perfect size for us... he peaked out at 52 lbs.  He LOVES to go for walks with me and play catch with John.  We love him!!

Thanks again for a wonderful sweetie.  My husband, who prides himself on having been a dog person all his life says he is the best dog he has ever had. 

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for providing us with such a wonderful puppy!  He is so confident and happy that we can take him anywhere and he just takes each new experience in stride.  He's not the least bit afraid of new noises (even loud ones), new people or new places and I think that is because of his outstanding pedigree and very early positive environment.  Thanks for taking such good care of him in his first seven weeks.  It also helps that he and Teddy (our yellow lab) have become great pals (see attached photo). 
Rudy will finish Puppy Pre-School on Tuesday and then we will move on to Puppy Obedience 1 when the next class opens up in a couple of weeks.  He is so smart, I'm sure he will do just fine.  We are on track with all of his shots.  The vet wants to wait until he is six months old to snip and mirco-chip him.  I'll send you confirmation once that's done. 
Thanks again and, yes, I tell everyone where I got this wonderful, handsome little fellow.


Jill is such a daddy's girl...I can't believe the connection my husband has with her!  It is adorable.  She is an amazing "big" dog although I think she thinks she is a little dog sometimes!  We have so enjoyed her in our lives.  We take her everywhere with us and she is learning to be one powerful runner too.  She definitely makes me get my workout in!  Thank you for giving us the perfect dog, better than we could have imagined!

Here are a few updated pictures of our growing girl.  She is the perfect size too! 

Hope you and your business are well!

Hello Traci,
Kascade is doing great. We love her so much! What a funny girl she is.

Hi Traci,
Just another short update with a couple of photos....We love Nita to pieces!!!!  Took her to the beach for the first time Sunday and we all had a GREAT time.  Nita was just about the only dog off-leash and she did wonderful.  Not only did she enjoy herself tremendously, she obeyed and behaved beautifully!  Took to the COLD water immediately and just jumped right in.  Nita is such a cool dog!  Next hurdles are to teach her to catch in mid-air and when it is OK to bark, which is not very often (ha ha).
Hope you are doing great.  Thank you!

______________________________________________________________________Hello Traci!
Tobey is on Science Diet.  We just switched him over from the Science Diet puppy food for large breed dogs, to Science Diet for large breed adult dogs.  I didn't even realize that he is so much smaller than the other male dogs.  He is such a good dog!  He is a sweetie! 
Sarah is loving her new job!  She has become good friends with all of her co-workers and she works in different aspects of physical therapy at OHSU.  It is a great place to build on her education and experiences. 
We are doing great.  Tobey is such a great companion to both of us.  He has John during the day, to play and be buddies with.  He walks with me a couple of times a day and he does so well!  He really aims to please.  He also is so good about letting me brush his teeth and trim his hair.  He LOVES to be able to see!  He is really good about staying close when we take him to the beach. 
We love him!!
Do you remember our son, daughter in law and grandson?  (They were here visiting when we got Tobey as Jack is in the Navy.)  They came for a visit in March and Taiki just loved Tobey.  It was so cute!  Tobey was so gentle with him.  They will be moving to Oregon in December, so will be around Tobey quite often.  I feel so good about our gentle dog.
Good to hear from you!
Bonnie and John

So good to meet you today!!  What a great home you make for wonderful puppies! I love your house too! :)
We love our sweet girl!!  She did awesome on the ride home, no accidents and slept most the way.  She started to become very lovey with us after about a half hour.  We fell in love :)  She is tuckered out as she had many visitors and her new brother Jax to tire her out. 

She is just making herself right at home!  We are so thrilled and can't wait to watch her grow and play!  I will keep you posted on her progress!

Thanks so much,



Stella is the smartest dog I can ever
remember having. She is active and learning fast. I already have her heeling on a leash. She sits on command and shakes and does high 5.
We are having our first puppy class tonight and we are looking
forward to it.
She gets lots of foot baths and just loves them. I
put her in the tub and she stands and waits for the water to come on
and sticks her head under the tap and starts slapping at the water.
So funny! When I take her out she tries to get back in. We'll be
getting her a kiddy swimming pool this summer for sure. When we go to
our property she will be swimming in the lake. I think I've been
replaced by another woman. Bob has fallen head over heels in love.
He's so into her and wants work on training her 100%. I didn't know
he would be THAT much into it, but he is. Sometimes he goes home from
work and checks on her in the middle of the day. He knows I worry.
Thought I would give you an update!

_Hi Traci,
This is Nate Pedersen writing; thought you might like to see a picture of Henry.  He's almost 8 months now and we've been running together (which he loves)  We just won a race, actually, the Ruff Run 5k in Bend where people get to run with their dogs.  So he's a picture of us in the race! (By the way he was neutered at 6 months as per the contract).
- Nate