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We'll need to feed your puppy 3 times a dayuntil they reach 6 months old.  Then switch to 2 meals per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  We'll send you home with a 2 week supply of the dog food, that they were on while in our home. We ask that you sign our contract that states that you will not switch your puppies food for the first year. The reason is that this food sustains a steady healthy growth rate. Its not hard to find or expensive, just good for your new puppy. Fresh water should always be available. Will get detailed information about feeding in your puppy packet.


Your new Labradoodle puppy will be missing its mother and litter mates and the comfort of cuddling with them to sleep.  We ask that you give us something that smells like you and we put it in with the puppies until they are ready to come home. That familiar smell will help with the transition. Your puppy will also go home with a toy that has been rubbed against their mom and will retain her smell.  Put this with your puppy so the familiar smells will help puppy settle in for the night. 

I strongly suggest a puppy crate, one that will grow with your puppy until he or she is 6 months to 1 year.
This also helps with potty training.
This will keep them out of trouble while you and your family are at the movies
Ask your local pet store...

House Training:

Potty training can be challenging but I'll have to say Labradoodle are so smart it doesn't take long. The most important part is that they learn a couple words~ outside, no and potty. Once they realize that the threshold of the door is outside and that's where they go potty, your home free. Sometimes it helps to put a bell on a string hanging on the door is a great idea too. I'll send you home with potty pads as while which will help you designate a place in the yard that you would like your puppy to go potty. And the potty pads smell like potty and helps them get things going. Remember to say your words slowly and one at a time. "Potty" "outside" "no" and "good potty"


Labradoodle puppies will be growing the first year so its important that you limit their exercise, especially the males. Labradoodle love to play ball so I'd say 15 minutes at a time is safe. Going to the beach is great fun for the family but can be hard on the puppy the next day.