Name: Copper (GLN0581031) Australian Labradoodle 25/75 Multi. Gen F1b
Sire: Mr. Harrison
Dam: Rosie

Color: Red
Coat: Soft and Wavy
Size: Medium (55 lbs)
A little something about...Copper is sweet, funny and ready to play. We have his son Louie..we love him so much, he's a wonderful addition to our family.




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Name: Prince Liam (GLN05154330) 25/75 Multi. Gen. Australian Labradoodle
Sire: Prince Milo (FSM04984405) Standard Labradoodle 
Dam:  Isla (GLN05070219) 50/50 Australian Labradoodle
Color: Red
Coat: Wavey..human like hair.
Size: standard (70 lbs)
A little something about Liam: Liam is the sweetest dog in the world!! If he had a love language, it would be "Physical Touch" he loves hugs!!!! he's great with kids, other animals and very athletic. And, comes from a long line of healthy genes. He has passed all tested and is giving us beautiful healthy red babies.


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Name: Sweet Henry GLN04984407 Australian Labradoodle 25/75 Multi. Gen F1b
Sire: Remington Lighting bolt Booker
Dam: Pelel's Ninja Mona
Coat: Soft and Wavy
Size: 30 pds
A little something about...Henry is sweet, loving and loves to play ball. He is great with kids. He gives us amazing puppies with the best hair and Labradoodle like that we are all looking for. Henry is the Stud!!!


Name: Country Doodles “Grizzly Bear Grizz” (PR08753605) (Pure bred Standard Poodle) AKC,CKC
Sire: Samantha's Sir Tobi I Be PR02973804 (Pure bred Standard Poodle) AKC
Dam:  Samantha's Princess Jayden I Am PR06418705 (Pure bred Standard Poodle)  AKC                     
Color: Chocolate
Coat: Soft Curly
Size: Standard 25 inches and 75 lbs
Health Clearances: Hips GOOD to excellent, elbows NORMAL, CERF CLEAR, Complete CBC and thyroid panel, NE CLEAR, PRA prcd clear, DNA color coat bbEe. 
Grizz carries red, apricot, black, cream and chocolate.

​We have Grizz saved in an AI bank.



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