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Country Doodle Dogs Guardianship Contract:


A guardian puppy/dog is placed with a local family at a reduced cost (around $1500.). The benefits to the Guardian family are they receive a top-quality puppy/dog, that must meet the strictest requirements to be in our breeding program.

Another benefit with a breeding dog, is that she will benefit from an extended spay time. This is proven to a healthier prolonged life.

We always welcome our families to come visit their doggy and the new puppies, during their stay with us.

We offer boarding, if needed.                                                                                                             

We what and welcome new friendships with our guardianship families.

Things to know…..

Once the guardian dog is of breeding age, on her second heat cycle, she would come stay with us to be bred for around a day. She is then returned to her guardian family where she will stay for the duration of her pregnancy until the week before her due date (55-60 days).  A week before her due date she would come back to our home to deliver, raise, and wean her puppies for 6-7 weeks. We pay for all pregnancy-related veterinary expenses and testing. When she completes her breeding obligations, and she comes home to enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for her. Her obligation will be to be breed 3 times. These puppies must be beautiful, happy and healthy labradoodles for their future families.

Things to do….

When the Guardian dog goes into estrus (heat), the Guardian Family is required to contact us immediately. An intact female has a heat cycle that lasts between 21 days every 6-8 months. Country Doodle Dogs will alert you when to start checking for signs of her heat cycle. You’ll need to blot her with a tissue each morning, this will allow us to keep an accurate count on her breeding or AI day. This is very important responsibly; this will keep her from having to undergo testing (blood draws) to determine her cycle.

Things can change….

Deciding whether or not the guardian dog will enter our breeding program officially. If a dog does not pass testing or if there’s findings that her generations didn’t showed some heath issues that Country Doodle Dogs isn’t comfortable breeding into the future litters. If it's decided that she will not be added to our program, the guardian family will be notified and she will be completely owned by her loving family and the breeding contract would be voided.

Things you must be aware of…..

Male intact dogs are crazy!! They can smell a female dog in heat for miles…. You will have stray male coming around your home to get to her. If there’s a chance, he will breed with her. Things like washing your car outside with her puts her in danger… taking the trash-out, a short visit with a neighbor and especially unsupervised potty breaks. Watching over her for these 21 days of her cycle is a commitment. These males are aggressive and on a mission. Not only would this put her health at risks but her puppies as well. Not only would this be traumatic for all involved but devasting for the future families awaiting their pre-planned Labradoodle puppy that wouldn’t be coming. If you’re needing help during this time, I am willing to help. The good news is….this has never happened!! Knocking on wood!!

If this were to happen, Country Doodle Dogs has the right to take her back, keep her or rehome her to a safer environment.

Guardian Homes Must Have the Following:

*Own their own home (Desired, but not required)

*Not work more than 6 hours/day outside the home (Preference given to people staying/working at home)

*Prior dog ownership experience

*Vet reference preferred

*Have a fully fenced yard (Desired, but not required)

*Take puppy through at least one obedience class

*Provide proper veterinary care, grooming, vaccinations and heartworm preventative

*Feed a well-balanced diet

*Notify breeder when female begins her heat cycle

*Not allow the female to be around intact males during heat cycle

*Ensure that the puppy is well socialized with people and other dogs

*If the guardian dog doesn’t work for the family the dog will be returned to the breeder with no refund expected

*If you’re receiving a Guardian Home Puppy or Young Adult, we will require a visit or two, to our guardianship home, during the first year to assess the puppy, is well, build a relationship with her new family. 

*Never hesitate to commutate with the Country Doodle Dogs about all issues with your guardian dog.

*Must sign and agree to page 1 and 2

Signature of whom will be responsible for this amazing Labradoodle ..

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A side note about me:

I am a wife to a wonderful, sweet man. Mother of three amazing boys, a Grandmother of 6 gulps of sweetness and a mama to all these sweet Labradoodles. I enjoy family, friends and doggies. With all of these loved ones, I strived for happiness and good health. Our home is never quiet, it’s always full of love, laughter, food and wet noses, and we love every minute of it!!  

Thank you for considering one of our Labradoodles,

Traci Ruthardt and the Doodles