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Kyle and I , share the most amazing family. We've blended his 1, to my 3. ..

  his sweet Alana, who'll be a high schooler.

My children would be my three boys. First, being Tyler, hardworking electrician, with a beautiful wife, Tara, have two amazingly, sweet and funny boys.. Jax and James :) Yes, I am a Grandma X 6+!! 

Next, would be Preston, Preston too is a hardworking young man working for Intel, who is  married to a beautiful wife Laura, have given us four more grandbabies...

Jade, Ezra, Thea and Ruby :))))

And, my sweet Easton, who's just finished college and is working hard in medical sells.

Easton and his long time, wonderful girlfriend, Chelsea, are planning a wedding, here at our home in July.

That's our Life!! 


And, to make life even better, we always have puppies running around :0)


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I am Traci, the owner and breeder of Country Doodle Labradoodles. Alongside  my family, we have been breeding dogs since 2003. We started with F1 Labradoodles. Unfortunately, F1 Labradoodles can shed in which causes terrible allergies, that  left us looking and researching the next NON-SHEDDING Labradoodle breed. We started doing our homework on dog breeds that are hypoallergenic or allergy friendly. Thats when we found that it was the next generation, the F1B! We fell in love with the beauty and NON-SHEDDING of the next generation Labradoodle F1B. We are happy to be breeding a NON-SHEDDING and hypoallergenic free family dog :0)
We all love being part of the Labradoodle life!! 
Life couldn't be any better.....