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3: Are labradoodles easy to train?

​Answer: They are extremely easy to train mainly because of the poodle side of their genes.

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4: How do I know I'm chhosing the right labradoodle puppy!?

​Answer: If you like the parents of the puppy and they fulfill your requirements you are seeking, whether it be exercising, cuddling and playing. As long as the parents treat the puppies like you would yourself, then that is the right puppy.

1: Do Labradoodles really not shed?

​Answer: Country Doodle Dogs shed about as much as humans.

5: Can I get a puppy today?

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2: What is the difference between an Australian labradoodle and a labradoodle?

​Answer: Australian labradoodles were created in Australia, it is a combination of several different breeds of dogs.A labradoodle is a mix between just a poodle and a lab.